Children’s Hospital Book Drive Project

Helping out the Kids in Need

We identified the need for “more things to keep kids in the ER waiting room entertained.” After researching and generating a possible list of ideas we brought them to the CH Annual Gifts Manager, Tanya J. Bissen. Through email communication Ms. Bissen helped us identify a great need for toddler age books in the ER. BookDriveThankYouWe decided to have a city book only custom dissertation writing service drive and target this age group. We brainstormed possible donation locations that would benefit both local businesses and draw the targeted audience to maximize quality donations. We chose four local business, Tosa Yoga, Yo MaMa!, Cranky Al’s and Allegro Academy of Music, and held a 2 week long book drive. We promoted our book drive with signs and 1,000 bookmarks donated at cost from an independently woman owned printer, After collecting over 1,000 books BookDriveImage2we sorted and chose 600+ high quality books for Children’s Hospital and donated the remaining to Goodwill Industries. We then hand delivered the books to the Annual Gifts Manager and an ER nurse. We were told that an average of 165 children per day visit the ER and will greatly enjoy their efforts for years to come. If you want more information about how and what to donate to Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin then you can contact them through their website.

  • Presenting books to Children's Hospital of Wisconsin