Humane Society Project

bronzeawardHumaneThankyouAna, Elena, Emma and Gianna’s Bronze Award focused on caring for animals!

How exciting and scary at the same time! We lead a project, from start to finish. What do we do? How do we do it? This is our story…

When the eight of us started this Bronze Award journey together we knew we could do something special – something amazing, something unique. What we didn’t count on is our group splitting in half, each taking four young ladies and coming up with TWO wonderful projects. Working independently, together as four and together as eight. Now we’re cooking!

We four ladies bonded instantly when talking about our love for animals. What we didn’t realize is how many people aren’t sure how to care for animals, how to report abuse, how to make your own toys and treats! The door was wide open and we burst through it quickly. How can we tell everyone what we found out? What we did to help? How to educate people on things they may not know? And then came the birth of this website.

First of all, we focused on the fun stuff, making toys and treats! What better way to  show off our talents and love for animals by selling these at a very well-timed school craft fair! We made our own all natural cat and dog treats, made our own cat and dog toys and sold them from $1-$3. We let everyone know that we made everything by hand and that ALL the proceeds were going to be donated to the Humane Society. The toys that weren’t sold will also be donated for the cats and dogs to play with while living there.

That was the easy part. Now how do we educate everyone on everything else? We did our research! Please read some great facts we found!

What to do if you see animal abuse-
Contact your local non-emergency police department as soon as possible. If you witness an animal in a life-threatening situation, such as dog fighting, call 9-1-1. Information to give to the dispatcher when you call the police department:

  • What type of incident(s) did you witness?
  • Who was involved in the incident(s)?
  • When did the incident(s) take place?
  • Where did the incident(s) take place?

Do you want to help animals? They certainly need your assistance. Dogs and cats can’t speak for themselves when they are being treated badly. Neither can other animals. They can’t run for political office. They can’t hire lawyers to defend them or lobbyists to press their case with lawmakers. Animals have no hope for humane care and treatment without us. Major decisions affecting the lives of all animals are made every day by public employees and elected officials. Companion animals, farm animals, wildlife, animals in laboratories and animals used in entertainment are all at risk. People who care about animals need to speak up and share their opinions with policy makers. The Wisconsin Humane Society is actively pursuing more humane public policies to protect animals and treat them with respect and kindness. We lobby legislators in the State Capitol, we work with Milwaukee County and City officials and we offer easy ways for our supporters to communicate their feelings to legislators. There is strength in numbers, so please take action today!

We also found wonderful websites full of information on how to care for animals, how to make your own toys and treats, how to spot and report abuse or neglect and even some myths out there about adopting animals vs. purchasing them. Here are some of our favorite website links and what you can find!

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