Little Cuties

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Roosevelt Holiday Gift Fair


Saturday December 5th Roosevelt Elementary School in Wauwatosa had a Holiday Gift Fair.   The event was an opportunity for young kids to shop for their family members and  wrap the presents in secret.   I was there selling handmade “Little Cuties” candy canes and ornaments, handing out pamphlets and talking with people to fundraiser and advocate for the K&R Small Animal Sanctuary Foster Parent Program.


I will be having another information booth and fundraiser at the Holiday Gift Fair.  It will be on December 10th from 9:00 – 12:00 p.m.


I have been honored with the following awards for my project.

Girl Scout Silver Award 2017


I went to the animal expo at the Wisconsin State Fair last spring in 2015.  I volunteered at the K&R Small Animal Sanctuary.  They told me about how many bunnies and guinea pigs they had and even hamsters.  They had over 50 bunnies at that time because the parents buy them for their kids and then realize how much work they really are and have to end up giving them to K&R.  

K&R has this big foster program where they’ll give you all the stuff you need for a month for the animals.  They’ll provide the cage, hay, food, bedding and even toys.  They do that because the small animals can have a good home and the people don’t have to buy everything.  They do it so you can see how to take care of small animals and see truly how much work they are before you actually buy a bunny.  So then they’ll be less animals that are returned or abandoned.

I want people to know how K&R Small Animal Sanctuary works to teach people how much work small pets are and how easy it is to try a small pet through their foster care program.  I want to get information out in my community and school system for kids to learn about small pet care and for parents so they know they can try a small pet at home before they buy one.  I will work to put pamphlets from K&R into the 11 elementary schools and 2 middle schools and 2 high schools in Wauwatosa for kids and parents.  I will have one interactive booth at a local community event to spread awareness of this awesome company.  

My goal is that I want people to learn how much work a small pet can be before they buy them.


Thanks to K&R Small Animal Sanctuary for helping me find out about their foster program and other local groups that do similar work.  K&R  helped me create ideas to help keep the project running.  To learn more please click here to visit the K&R Small Animal Sanctuary website.