Center Street Park’s Little Free Library

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The Little Free Library was revealed on Earth Day!  We celebrated with local Girl Scout Troops and community members in the park that day.  Come visit often:  take a book leave a book!  Check out the slide show below to see our journey!

Center Street Park  is located at  6420 W Clarke St, Milwaukee, WI 53213





Little Free Library Sketch


We are planning to put a little free library in our local park, Center Street Park. This will help people who don’t live near a library have easy access to books.  This way it’s easier for everyone to access, since our public library isn’t close for everyone and the library also has difficult hours of when it’s open and closed. Now people can easily swap out books without any due dates or schedules to deal with.

We picked this project to help improve our park and help anyone easily access books.  It will add to our park.


The Friends of Center Street Park who will help us maintain the Little Free Library in the future.  Check out their website for fun, family centered events at the park.


Ana & Abby



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