Our Garden Grows as We Grow

Back in 2008, our Daisy Troop formed and hit the ground running. Our community project was to create, grow, maintain and educate our community on this great task. It took many conversations and lots of planning, but finally we got there!CommunityGarden

Outside the Roosevelt School facing Wright Street is our community garden. Every year we plant vegetables and flowers for the community to enjoy. You can find beans to tomatoes, daisies to sunflowers and everything in between! Every year there is a different selection of flowers and vegetables, so you never know what you will find!

The planting was the most fun, but then comes the work! We have to constantly water the garden over the summer when no one is there. We came up with a schedule for the girls in our troop to take a week and make sure we tended to the garden. We also have the fall and spring to pull weeds and turn the soil. It’s a lot of work, but it was so worth it!

To make this garden sustainable, we have passed this project onto another Troop in the school to keep the tradition going. We had a fun planting session with them and they learned the ropes of how to keep this garden growing. We know they will take great care of it, just as we did.