Recycling Project


When tasked to find a sustainable project for our 8 Bronze Award young ladies, we let them take the lead. We always encourage our young ladies to be leaders and to choose their own path. They of course jumped at the challenge and got right down to it.

They made their lists of what they wanted to change and shared them with each other. It didn’t take very long to find out they all wanted to do recycling or composting in some way, somewhere. That was easy! Now, where do we start?

The girls noticed that they didn’t have any recycling in their own school! What a great place to start! They divided up the work among the 8 of them, a few to do research on what kinds of bins there are, a few to make phone calls to a recycling company and of course, a few to write their own principal an email stating how they can make this difference. BOOM, they are running! ‚Äč A few short months later, with lots of advertising and games on the smartboards, they introduced recycling at their school. They assisted in teaching the younger kids the difference between what goes into the garbage can and what goes into the recycling bin. Every day, our girls saved over 300 milk cartons a day from being tossed in a landfill and sent to a recycling center instead.

The Tosa Patch got wind of this project and interviewed the ladies. Read the article here.

Recycling Project