Food Pantry Service Work

This year we plan to volunteer at the Friedens Community Ministry Food Pantry located at the Hope House.   The address is 209 W. Orchard Street, which is just a couple blocks south of Allen Bradley.

We’d like to send two adults and four to eight girls each time.  Please contact Mrs. L to sign up.

The food pantry can always use donations of toiletries (soap, toothpaste, shampoo, etc.) and books for both adults and children.  Bring a big heart and your Spanish Skills.

The Schedule is Below:

November 14th — Parent: MM, AC, Scouts: MM, EB, NC, BM, BL,

December 12th — Parent: TM, SS, Scouts: AM, MM, MS, EK,

January 9th — Parent: KL,  Scouts: GH, ZM, BL,EK

February 13th — Parent: HB, WB,  Scouts: EB, AB,JG, EK, GH,

March 12th — Parent: HB, WB,  Scouts: EK, EB, AB, GH,

April 9th — Parent:  AC, SS,  Scouts: JG, NC, MS, EK

May 14th — Parent:  SS,  Scouts: GH, JG, MS,EK, MM

June 11th –Parent: KL, Scouts:  EL, BL, EK

July 9th -Parent: WB, KK Scouts:  AB, MM, EK,

August 13th -Parent: SS,  Scouts:  MS, MM, BM,EB

September 10th — Parent:  KK,  Scouts:  BL, AB, EK

October 8th — Parent:  KL,   Scouts:  BL, EK, EL

November 12th — Parent:  HB,   Scouts:  EK, BM

December 10th — Parent:  SS, KK,TM  Scouts: AM, MM, EK,


January 14th — Parent:  HB,  Scouts:  EB, BL

February 11th — Parent:  SS, ____,  Scouts:  MS, ____, ____, ____

March 11th — Parent:  ___, ____,  Scouts:  ____, ____, ____, ____

April 13th — Parent:  ___, ____,  Scouts:  ____, ____, ____, ____

June 10th — Parent:  ___, ____,  Scouts:  ____, ____, ____, ____

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